be happy

 by Monica Sheehan











And watch out for Prayers for All Occasions, coming Fall 2007!

Spring 2007

Running Press




A small, sweet, and genuinely inspirational book that reminds you of the simple things that really do make for a happier life: show up, do things you’re good at, dance...and get a good night’s sleep.

be happy began as one of the most popular cartoons from Monica Sheehan’s monthly feature on the back page of Real Simple. For the past 3 years she has been receiving letters from readers across the country expressing their gratitude, asking for posters, and wondering whether the cartoon appeared in any other form that they could display or give to friends. More than once Monica has spotted a stolen copy of the cartoon on a buddy’s fridge.

Hence this book.

Monica Sheehan is a freelance artist who lives in small beach town on the Jersey Shore, though she claims she spends most of her time living in her head. She laughs a lot, worries a lot, writes a little, and draws cartoons.












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