Jeff Bridges: Pictures

Photographs and Text by Jeff Bridges

Foreword by Peter Bogdanovich



Jeff Bridges has constructed a rich, compelling, and highly personal chronicle of behind-the -scenes Hollywood. Formally intelligent and emotionally incisive, his photographs represent a remarkable, thirty-year long tour de force. This is a unique and important contribution to the photographic literature.  Richard Misrach

Jeff is not a dilettante or an amateur. His pictures have real content.  Mary Ellen Mark

Jeff Bridges is hugely gifted in a number of ways not known to the general public. He paints, he composes, he sings and, as this book so vividly illustrates, he is one hell of a photographer. These beautifully framed moments of time capture the very essence of what making movies looks and feels like.
Peter Bogdanovich

Fall 2003

powerHouse Books



A deluxe limited edition, including a signed print and a cloth-bound case, is available through RoseGallery, Santa Monica.


This extraordinary book of images represents a lifetime of photographic practice by Jeff Bridges. For more than twenty years, on dozens of film sets, Bridges has perfected his own photography, shooting between takes and behind the scenes with a Widelux camera. This fascinating, disarmingly candid body of work began as a personal project, as Bridges recorded the arduous, emotionally intense work of the film shoot in books that were privately printed and given as gifts to cast and crew.


Bridges' photos crossover from the realm of "celebrity" appeal to that of art: technically sophisticated and imaginatively conceived, they unfold like a well-told story in which moving pictures become still pictures and still pictures become moving. Just as Bridges' acting has been noted for its blend of potent naturalism and rigorous craft, the same might be said of these photographs, for they offer a vision of Hollywood both intimately human and formally beautiful. Jeff Bridges: Pictures promises to be a rare and exciting publishing event.








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